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Pregnancy Week 18 - Five Months Pregnant

Create: 07/19/2016 - 07:42

Your body is letting you know that you are growing bigger in many ways but, on the other hand, you will be enjoying feeling your baby's first movements soon!
Changes in Body:
- You may start to suffer from fluid retention which makes your feet, face and fingers appear puffy.
- Hormones can change how your hair, nails and skin appear.
- Might be able to feel your baby's first movements.
- Swelling of ankles and feet may appear.
- Lower back pain possible.
 Your Baby:
- The fetus will have wrinkled skin and it has not gained body fat yet and is very active.
- Baby is now 21cm long and weighs 235 grams.
- Baby get startled at sudden loud noises.
- Preparing for the ability to yawn and hiccup.
- Nervous system developing rapidly.
- Improving its sense of hearing.