Pregnancy Week 20 - Five Months Pregnant

Congratulations, you are now officially half way through your pregnancy. Although the average length of gestation is 40 weeks, it is still considered within a normal range to deliver 2 weeks either side of this. At 20 weeks pregnant, you may find you are walking a little differently to accommodate that extra lump in your belly. This is because your centre of gravity is changing.


Changes in Body:

- A yellow fluid called colostrum may leak from your breasts now.

- The uterus is enlarging rapidly and your navel may be flattened or push out. It will stay that way until after birth.

- Heartburn may become a problem now because the uterus is starting to push on the stomach.

- Troubles breathing as the baby pushes against your lungs.

- Leg cramps and swelling continues.

- High energy and libido.


Your Baby:

- Vernix a white greasy substance is starting to form over the fetus. This protects babies skin from the amniotic fluid, and wears off after birth.

- Baby is now 25.5cm long and now weighs 340 grams.

- Girls: Developing a supply of eggs.

- Boys: Testicles have begun their descent.

- Taste buds are working.