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Pregnancy Week 22 - Five Months Pregnant

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Your baby is enjoying discovering its surroundings by using touch. You can enjoy preparing for its arrival by shopping around for all the baby-related necessities and pleasures you will soon need.
Changes in Body:
- Should be gaining about 1/2 pound each week now.
- Food cravings and strong aversions are normal.
- You may find it hard to sleep.
Your Baby
- Baby's eyelids remain fused and closed but it can detect the difference between light and dark. 
- Your baby is now 29cm long and weighs approximately 400 grams. 
- Your baby starts to build an immune system to act as a natural defense against infection.
-  Your baby starts to move more, becoming more coordinated as muscles develop and strength increases. 
- Going through regular periods of sleep and activity.
- Now has a very strong sense of touch.
Common Complaints:
Mummy brain, pregnancy amnesia, foggy brain; call it what you like but it all means the same thing. This can be very frustrating and even and in tears some days. Try to focus on one thing at a time and then complete it before you move onto something else.
- It can take until the 22nd week of pregnancy for the true reality of pregnancy to hit home. You are going to have a baby. Doubt may come creeping into your mind. You may question your ability to mother a child. This can be a normal and even healthy response to such a significant event.