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Pregnancy Week 23 - Six Months Pregnant

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Your baby is beginning to get into a pattern of sleeping and waking, which won't necessarily be the same as yours. Your baby is now very active and perceives its surroundings well. So be active too! It helps you to keep both mentally and physically fit & prepare for labour.
Changes in Body:
- Put your legs up when sitting to ease swelling.
- Still fighting pregnancy symptoms like backache, bleeding gums.
- Sweating a lot? Drink plenty of water!
Your Baby
- Fetus is beginning to look as it will at birth. With the head more proportionate to the body.
- In a boy the scrotum is now well developed, and in a girl the ovaries already contain several million eggs.
- The sex of your baby can be clearly seen in an ultrasound now.
- Baby is now around 31 cm long and weighs roughly 440 grams.
- Developing blood vessels in lungs for breathing.
- Face is now fully developed.
- Forming nipples.