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Pregnancy Week 28 - Seven Months Pregnant

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Your baby's brain wave patterns  indicate that he's responding to sounds in the environment, such as sound of your voice, the growl of your stomach when you're hungry, even noises outside your body. The patterns are also starting to show differences during sleep. These sleep cycles will become clearer and more distinct closer to his due date. 
Changes in Body:
- As your pregnancy progresses, stretch marks may appear on your abdomen, breasts, hips, and thighs.
- Your breasts are now producing colostrum the fluid which proceeds breast milk.
Your Baby
- Baby is now fully formed and would be viable if born at 28 weeks, although the body systems are still very immature.
- The heart is beating at around 150 beats a minute.
- Your baby is roughly 37cm long and weighs 900 grams.
Steps to Do:
- If your breasts are leaking put breast pads or folded tissues inside your bra.
- You may be screened at your next ante-natal visit for anaemia via a blood test.
- Now is time to consider your birth plan.