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Pregnancy Week 30 - Seven Months Pregnant

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Your baby will measure around 38cm in length now, weighing around 1.1kg and is continuing to put on weight. Should you go into premature labour, your baby would be taken to a special care baby unit, but they would have an extremely good chance of survival.
Changes in Body:
- The seventh-month itch. The stretching skin on your belly may start itching — this is completely normal. Try massaging your abdomen gently with a moisturizing lotion. 
- Hormones cause much of this, but being anxious or worried can also affect your sleep and dreams.
- Heartburn may be especially bothersome between now and the baby’s birthday. 
- You may also be having some very strange dreams. 
Your Baby:
- The fetus is beginning to move about less vigorously now as there is less space in the womb.
- Your baby is likely now to be in a curled up position with arms and legs crossed.
- The fetus is now 38cm long and weighs roughly 1.1kg.
Common Complaints and Prevention:
- You may have trouble sleeping and become a bit breathless if you walk too fast or climb stairs.
- You will start to feel larger and clumsier now, and your movements may be slower.
- It is important to maintain a good posture to prevent backache.