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Pregnancy Week 31 - Seven Months Pregnant

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Your baby is also getting ready for the big day. Your baby is around 40 cm long and weighs 1.4kg, on average, your baby is growing longer and heavier by the day. He or she is looking more and more like a typical chubby newborn infant, as more fat is settling in under the skin. 
Other changes for your baby this week include the gradual loss of lanugo, the fine hair that covered most of the body. The eyes can focus now and reflexes such as thumb sucking are probably occurring as well. Also, the lungs and nervous system are nearly completely developed.
Changes in Body:
- Difficulty sleeping. Aches and pains, your big belly, pregnancy hormones, heartburn and anxiety are probably all contributing.
- Braxton Hicks contractions. Be sure you're drinking plenty of water and changing positions often. 
- Frequent urination. Your bladder's just as crowded as your lungs. 
- Out of breath, since baby keeps squishing your lungs.
- Leaky boobs. That's baby's first food, called colostrum. 
- Backaches. Be sure to keep stretching. 
Your Baby:
- The organs are almost completely developed, apart from the lungs which are not yet fully mature.
- The brain is still growing and the nerve cells and connections are now working.
- Your baby is around 40 cm long and weighs 1.4kg.