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Pregnancy Week 32 - Eight Months Pregnant

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Your acrobat may be standing on his head now: Most babies settle in the head-down, or vertex, position by this week. Ideally, he'll stay put until you give birth. Then again, he might change positions several times before he's born.
Changes in Body:
- Feeling your baby move is sweet, but it's less fun when a foot gets stuck up under your rib cage.
- Watch for heat rashes under your breasts, which will be aggravated by sweat. 
- Your weight is going up in line with your baby’s growth.
Your Baby:
- Your baby is now very energetic and it will have periods of extreme activity, you will feel your baby twist and turn.
- As your baby grows there will be less room to move, so the activity will soon slow down.
- The fetus will begin to move into the head down position in readiness for birth.
- Your baby is about 40.5cm long and weighs roughly 1.6kg.