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Pregnancy Week 33 - Eight Months Pregnant

Create: 07/19/2016 - 06:00

Your body and your baby are slowing down when you're 33 weeks pregnant. You're adjusting to the extra weight and shifted center of gravity and your baby is just running out of room!
You’re continuing to gain weight steadily as baby is gaining weight. At 33 weeks pregnant your metabolism is at full speed so you may see your actual weight gain start to slow down a bit. But when your doctor or midwife measures your belly, you’ll see that baby is still getting bigger, even if you’re not gaining weight as fast.
Changes in Body:
- You are probably really feeling (and looking) very pregnant now, and might have adopted the pregnant lady waddle thanks to your growing baby's position!
- You might be feeling pretty exhausted quite a lot of the time, and finding you get out of puff and worn out more quickly than usual. 
- You could also give yourself an energy boost with nutrient and iron rich snacks when you feel yourself flagging - and of course, get lots of rest and feet up time!
Your Baby:
- Lungs are almost fully developed and the fetus will be practising breathing in preparation for birth.
- Your baby's fingernails are now fully formed, however toe nails are not quite so advanced. 
- The vernix covering the skin has become thicker.
- Your baby is around 41.5 cm long and weighs 1.8kg
Pregnancy weight gain slows now. If you are still gaining more than one kilogram per week have a check up with your doctor.