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Pregnancy Week 34 - Eight Months Pregnant

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At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby's due date is creeping up on you. Your baby is starting to develop an immune system to fight off germs as the placenta has been taking up antibodies from your bloodstream.  Babies borrow their mum’s immunity to a whole range of diseases until they can develop their own immunity. If you are planning to breastfeed, their immunity will be boosted through your colostrum and breastmilk. 
Changes in Body:
- Your baby could drop or settle into your pelvis in preparation for birth as early as this week. This is called lightening.
- When your baby does drop into the pelvic area, he is considered engaged or in position for birth.
- You might continue to notice late-pregnancy swelling in your legs or ankles throughout this week. Your doctor will continue to watch this during checkups.
- Braxton-Hicks contractions might continue to prepare your body for childbirth.
Your Baby:
- The baby's weight gain continues to increase.
- Eyes respond to bright lights and the fetus will practise blinking.
- Eyelashes and eyebrows are fully developed.
- A boy's testicles will have descended into the groin.
- Your baby is 43cm long and weighs around 2kg.
- Keep a close watch on swelling of hands and feet, as this could indicate a problem called pre eclampsia.
- As you are in the later stages of pregnancy your blood pressure may be raised.