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Pregnancy Week 5 - Two Months Pregnant

Create: 07/19/2016 - 08:53

You are now fully enjoying the ups and downs of pregnancy such as feeling joy while being tired. Your still tiny little baby continues to develop important organs and systems & "commubicates" with your baby via primitive placenta and umbilical cord.
Changes in Body:
- Still no body shape changes
- Due to energy needed for your baby's development, you may feel very tired.
- The hCG hormone is probably causing you to visit the toilet more often than usual.
- First food cravings can start haunting you - no need to fight them but be reasonable.
Your Baby:
- Resembles more a tadpole than a human.
- In addition to other systems and organs, heart starts developing (might be seen on ultrasound)
- The foundations of brain and spinal cord are present in the form of a neural tube.