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Pregnancy Week 9 - Two Months Pregnant

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You are feeling more tired than usual since your body's energy is still being used to build placenta. Your baby's heartbeat can now be heard - a good time to visit your doctor.
Changes in Body:
- You will start putting on weight.
- Keep a record of your weight gain.
- Gums are becoming softer and thicker.
- Need to pay more attention to oral hygiene.
- Feeling much more tired than usual.
- A decrease in blood pressure can occur due to a rapid increase in your metabolic rate and hormone levels.
- It becomes more and more difficult to fit into your old clothing.
- Familiarize yourself with the antenatal procedures and tests.
Your Baby:
- Starts to develop muscles.
- Its heart is developed enough so that you can hear it the next time you visit your doctor.
- Changing from an embryo to a fetus.