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Pregnancy Weeks 1-3 - Conception

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Believe it or not, you're actually not pregnant yet during your first weeks. However, since it's impossible for doctors to find out when exactly you conceived, they take the first day of your last period as the start of your pregnancy. This day is the first day of your new menstrual cycle during which you became pregnant.
Changes in Body:
- No body shape changes
- Very light bleeding can appear after the implantation of the egg in your womb.
- In week 2 or 3 first signs such as digestive problems, mood changes and morning sickness can start appearing.
Your Baby
No baby yet - but no worries! Your egg gets released from ovaries as a part of the usual cycle. However, instead of leaving your body in a form of menstrual bleeding, it implants into your womb after being fertilised by sperm. Right after the implantation, your baby is called "blastocyte" which develops into placenta and embryo.