Pregnant Couple Dance with Their Baby

There are definitely a lot of uncomfortable stories out there when it comes to being pregnant for nine months. There is morning sickness, weird cravings, and, of course, that small matter of maneuvering with your ever-expanding belly!

Some moms even end up with more babies than they bargained for, though this situation is certainly not the norm, considering how high-tech and sophisticated ultrasounds are.

With all that to consider, it can seem at times that growing a baby is no fun — but pregnant couple Gemma Marin and Israel Duffus have definitely put that idea to rest!

These two are incredible dancers. Their salsa steps are so sassy and they move in perfect time with one another. What’s more, is that they are doing their amazing routine all while Gemma is very pregnant!

The couple definitely proves that they can still have a good time as Mom’s belly continues to grow — and they’re celebrating by breaking it down with their daughter, who is still in utero.