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Preparing for Vaginal Birth

Create: 08/28/2015 - 08:41

Learning how to position your body to ease discomfort during labor is very important. You can practice these techniques by yourself or with a birthing partner or friend – long before you go into labor and need to go to the hospital. 
Writing down any questions or concerns you have is a good way to communicate with your health care team during scheduled appointments. Having information about your birth plan is a good way to put your mind at ease.
The mind and body are linked together. Sometimes your mind feels fear, and it affects your body – sometimes causing physical discomfort. But there are several relaxation techniques you can learn which will allow you to move past fear and put your mind and body at rest. These techniques will be very useful in easing anxiety before delivery, or helping to lessen pain as you recover.
Some forms of relaxation you may already know, such as reading, taking a bath, watching TV, listening to music, and talking with family and friends. These are all very helpful, and you may use these forms of relaxation as you prepare for birth and recovery.
Some other forms of relaxation may be new to you, and you should become familiar with them. Just as an athlete trains for a race, you should prepare for your birth and recovery by practicing these mind-body skills long before you ever go into labor.