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Super Fit 41 Weeks Pregnant Does Pull-ups to Induce Labor

Create: 01/07/2017 - 09:24

There are plenty of tips offered to pregnant women when their due date comes and goes with no baby in sight. But this super-fit personal trainer took to the gym to perform pull-ups and pelvic training to hurry her baby along.
A super fit 41 weeks pregnant mum filmed herself doing pull-ups in a bid to induce labour - and her baby was born the next day. Sara Wiss said she performed the 'light exercise' and 'pelvic training' to hurry her unborn boy into the world and shared the footage on the Fit Moms of Instagram page.
The personal trainer said she had rested on the sofa for two weeks but became frustrated and restless before finally hitting the gym. Women who are over 40 weeks pregnant are considered overdue, with most facing an unpleasant 'membrane sweep' but Sara decided to take matters into her own hands.