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Tips for Bathing Newborn Baby (Sponge Bath)

Create: 08/29/2016 - 11:02

We are going to give a newborn a sponge bath. You want to have all of your stuff lined out. A bowl of water - when the baby has her bellybutton, you don't want to submerge them into water, so, you put them on a towel. You get everything you need right at your fingertips so that you can maintain that their head is flat or that their head is held. 
These particular wipes I'm using are from Babyganics. They already have soap in them. I don't have to use additional soap which could irritate the baby's skin. We take the wipe. We dip it in the water. We wring it out. We gently clean the baby's body. We use one wipe for the body and another wipe for the face. 
When you're giving a sponge bath, you would do exactly as you would yourself a bath. You don't need tons of soap because sometimes baby's skin is very gentle and delicate and everything you need is really just in here. You clean them off, gently holding their head, making sure they're warm. 
Sometimes, you can cover parts of their body. If you need to turn them over, you would hold their head and clean their back and their arms. When cleaning their diaper area, you can use another one of these disposable washcloths. Another reason disposable washcloths are really good is that they don't collect mold or sit there for a long time and when you're done, you just throw them out. 
You finish cleaning the whole body from head to toe and then you would leave one final wipe for the face. Gently cleaning their cheeks, making sure the baby's eyes are closed. You would make sure there's no water on, as little as possible and go over the eyes, the nose, the chin, their head, their ears.
Babies like to be clean and sometimes mold can collect in their neck in their ridges. You really want to make sure you get in there and really clean them out so that they're clean and comfortable after their bath. When your baby is done with their bath, you would dry them off, apply lotion, and they would be ready for bed.