Top Tips from the Experts on Bathing Your Newborn Baby

When your baby’s first born it’s usual not to bath her in the first 24 hours. Babies generally spend that time learning to regulate their own temperature. After that, you might choose to bath her every day, but you certainly don’t need to.

When you do bath your baby you need to make sure that you prepare the environment in advance, that the room is going to be draft free and no windows open. Make sure that you’ve got absolutely everything to hand – nappies, towels, clean clothes etc.

It doesn’t really matter whether you use a specifically designed baby bath to bath your baby, or whether you use a plastic bowl or even the kitchen sink. Having said that, if you are going to bath a baby in a sink make sure that you protect the baby from the taps.

When you are bathing your baby always, always remember to put the cold water in first and then add the hot water until you get the right temperature, that way you’ll help to prevent the risk of scalding your baby.

Dry your baby as quickly as possible, making sure that you remember all the cracks and creases again – behind the knees, around the wrists, under the arms and under the neck. As soon as she’s dry, take her off the damp towel, and get her dressed as quickly as possible.