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Treatments for Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

Create: 05/16/2016 - 09:26

Pregnancy brings joy, but has its woes as well. Painful problems like lower back pain commonly plague expectant mothers with discomfort, but what’s worse is if they are ignored and remain unattended to. 
In this Pains of Pregnancy series, we will discuss the common issues faced by expectant mothers, how to identify them, and what physiotherapy can do to ease the symptoms and ultimately, pave the way to a more comfortable pregnancy and subsequent childbirth. 
Why do pregnant ladies have low back pain?
- Your lower back is constantly arched in this posture, forcing the structures in your lower back to be compresed.
- Your baby bump creates additional load on your spine.
- The growing uterus stretches your muscles in the abdomen.
- Pregnancy hormones also relax your muscles, tendons & ligaments, leading to an overall instability.
- Lower back pain is a common but unnecessary part of pregnancy.
- If left untreated, low back pain often continues into post-partum.
- The pain often gets worse with each baby.
Posterior Pelvic Tilt for Low Back Pain:
- Lift your tailbone up, allowing your spine to lay flat on the ground.
- Keep in mind not to step trough your feet, but instead use your stomach muscles.
Single Leg Knee Hug for Low Back Pain:
- This is a simple way to relieve the tension in your lower back while increasing flexibility.