What to Expect After the Delivery of Your Baby?

Fonda MitchellMD OB/GYN: - So once the baby's born, the nursing staff does an assessment of the baby. They want to make sure that the breathing is appropriate, that the baby's color and tone are appropriate as well too. That is what is what we call an all encompassing Apgar score.

Stella DantasMD OB/GYN: - People often wonder when is the pediatrician going to see the baby. After delivery, we want time for you to bond with the baby. Usually the newborn exam is done the day after delivery.

Kevin OverbeckMD OB/GYN: - After the baby is delivered, that baby is the pediatrician's patient. And the pediatrician takes care of the baby.

Stella DantasMD OB/GYN: - And the pediatrician will come to your room, and exam the baby, and go over everything about the newborn exam with you.

ChristieSecond Time Mom: - We did get some very good advice. Mostly from the postpartum doctors and nurses before we left the hospital. They were extremely helpful, and we are very appreciative, even though it was our second child. That they went over things with us, and we felt very confident leaving the hospital with their advice.

Fonda MitchellMD OB/GYN: - So once your baby's here, the labor and delivery staff can be very helpful. Be sure to ask any and all questions. No questions are too small. And they have heard everything. So they are good resources for you.

Debra DavisMD Family Medicine: - So caring for a newborn at home is a very personalized decision, in terms of how much support do you want around. Some couples will want just the two of them, the new mother and the partner at home to start. 

And some will want extended family or friends there to help. It's sure fine to have extra help if you'd like that. But it's certainly fine to also take care of your newborn yourself.

Kevin OverbeckMD OB/GYN: - You will figure it out, and you will do great.