What You Need to Know about Bathing a Newborn

One of the things to remember is that you don't have to bathe your baby everyday, you can do it every other day. Or you can do it just a couple of times a week, it depends on what you want to do at the beginning when your baby is very young. They definitely don't need a bath everyday. 

When you first bathe your baby, you might need somebody to help you - to be on hand. Some of the products that you will need for bathing your baby are fairly standard and straight forward, things like cotton wool and a nice face cloth and some really mild baby shampoo and again mild baby bath.

Remember to only use the smallest amount of toiletries when baby is little. You don't need to use too much, so don't be thinking that you're going in the bath. Things like wet wipes are good to have, handy, and also clothes to put baby in when you have finished bathing your baby. And a nappy of course.

Everything needs to be close by and its worth getting all this ready before you start bathing baby because of course, you know, with regards to safety never to leave a baby, young child, or toddler alone in the bath. Because accidents can happen very very quickly.