Why Active Birth - Benefits for Mother and Baby

Normal Labour
• Starts between 37 and 42 weeks.
• Latent phase - impending labour.
• 3 'offical' signs of labour
• Active 1st stage
• Transition
• 2nd stage
• 3rd stage

• Several oils available.
• Have different uses.
• Administered in several ways
• Prepared by midwife

• Stay calm and focused.
• Remember endorphins.
• 'One contraction at a time'.
• Forget about time.
• Follow your instincts.
• Move around.
• Good birth support.
• Remain positive.

• Soft Light
• Music
• Comfortable Clothing
• Familiar things
• Privacy.
• Labour aids.

Birthing Support
• Give encouragement and keep focused.
• Eat and drink.
• Have a 'good bag'.
• Massage, comfort and support.
• Work with the midwife.
• Take the lead from the women.

Why active birth?
• Gravity assist contractions.
• Pelvic joints free to expand.
• Baby encouraged through pelvis.
• Placental flow improved.
• Can shorten labour.
• Reduces need for pain relief.
• Gives woman control.

How it works!
The three P's need to work together.
• Passenger
• Position
• Pelvis

The Passaenger
• Well-flexed.
• Ideal=Anterior position.
• Posterior position needs time to rotate.
• Bones in the skull over-ride.

• In labour at home.
• In labour at the hospital.
• Using Birth aids.
• Positions for birth.
• Think about your pelvis.

Know your pelvis!
• Capacity ^ up to 28% by changing positions.
• Pelvic shape directs the baby.
• Hormones allow pelvis to expand.
• Remember to keep your pelvis 'open'.

Pain Relief in Labour

Esseantial oils are used on your to reduce stress and relieve pain.
• Inhalation
• Bath
• Massage

• Reduces tension.
• Comforting.
• Back, hands or feet.
• Tennis ball.

T.E.N.S (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)
• Builds up endorphins.
• Very effective for early stages. 

Birthing Pool
• Chesterfield Birth Centre has four birthing pools.
• Soothing and relaxing in, warm water both supports your weight and can alleviate the pain.
• A warm shower can help ease lower back pain.

Most commonly used. Entonox is a mixture of Nitrus Oxide and Oxygen which you breathe through a mouthpiece.
• Helps focused and deep breathing.
• Short lasting effects.

• Injection in your thigh.
• Does not relieve pain entirely.

• Local anaesthetic pain killer given into epidural space in your back.
• May lower blood pressure.
• Baby monitored continuously.